Get Your Zumba On!

zumba-logoTwo more Zumba Routines added! Tomorrow is the big day, I’m teaching my first class and cannot express how excited I am. Health and wellness are very important to me, and any step in helping others on their own journey as they navigate that seemingly overwhelming path brings me joy.

So, if you’re in the area, stop on by and we’ll have a blast dancing and getting our bodies moving!


Join The Party!


Big news on the Zumba front! Starting May 1st, I will be teaching two classes a week and I could not be more excited. This is another step forward in my pursuit of helping others live a healthier (and happier) lifestyle!

Now, along with practicing some routines at home, you can come join me live while we pump up the music and sweat with a smile!

Are You Ready To Tube?

YouTube Channel

The official Paleo Plus Blog YouTube Channel is available! For workout examples, Zumba routines, and more content to come, check out the new videos here!

There are two playlists available right now:

  • Fitness in a Minute
  • Zumba Routines

Fitness in a Minute has examples of the workouts I post here regularly and are all a minute or less so you can spend more time working out and less time watching YouTube videos. Zumba Routines will be regularly updated with more exciting songs each week!

Thanks for watching and let’s get moving!