Why is change so difficult?

Living in the Los Angeles area and always on the go (and I mean always), I rarely have a moment to just relax and breathe. Having spent the last two weeks focusing more on family, nature, and requiescence, I’ve had more time to reflect on life in general.

Without getting too deep, the last 5 years of my life have seen a lot of change. While some circumstances were out of my control and I had to adapt, there were other times when the choice was mine to make. Those moments were never easy and I’ve second-guessed my decisions. A lot. But the thing that keeps me moving forward is the knowledge that I’ve learned so much about myself and this thing called life we’re all trying to understand.

A few days ago, my 10 year old asked Google “what is the meaning of life”? While Google had many quotes and memes from others who were trying to decipher life’s purpose, I don’t think either of us was really satisfied with the answers. And if no one really knows, why do we spend so much time worrying about what other people do/think when we ourselves are searching for answers to the same questions as everyone else? How often are you (and I am actually speaking to you as an individual) held back by the fears of what people will think, what the consequences will be, or whether you’ll succeed/fail when you want to improve yourself by making drastic changes to your life?

Will my loved ones make fun of my choices or support me? Will they hold me back or try to boost me up? What if I can’t do it? Why would anyone listen to me? What happens if I fail?

The list of reasons “not to” is endless! At some point you need to let go of the fears and embrace whatever is going to come your way after stepping outside of that comfort zone. There’s no need to wait for a New Year’s resolution to make the needed/wanted changes in your life.

Let us all embrace both the scary and wonderful parts of shifting our lives around to make them better and more fulfilling in the long run!


Back at it!

  • 2 pullups
    • 20 lateral leg raise squats
  • 2 Crossfit (wo)man makers
    • 20 hover crunches
  • Repeat 3 times through!

Do you ever feel like time gets away from you? That’s totally what has happened to me in the last week. Between teaching classes, summer camps, and family visits, it’s been out of control (but in a good way). I may have temporarily slipped off the bandwagon, but let’s get back on together!

Musings from the Midwest

One of the unexpected benefits of choosing to drive cross-country rather than fly was being able to gain a greater appreciation for the beauty of the world. I haven’t travelled much and feel as though I still experience life (in some ways) through the eyes of a child. Everything was brand new to me and being able to see just how vast this small part of the planet is gave me a lot to think about.

Sequoia Blog
Sequoia National Forest


It’s easy and natural for us to get caught up in our individual lives, problems, relationships, routines, school, work schedules, and so forth. Taking a step outside of the norm and opening our eyes to new experiences and opportunities takes courage! The last several years have seen a lot of change in my personal life, some of which I never thought I could or would get through. Now I find myself more prepared to take risks and do what I really want to do, not lead a life that allows others to follow their dreams while mine are forgotten and abandoned on the roadside.

Part of why I started this blog in the first place is because it’s something I’ve felt compelled to do for years but never thought I could do it or anyone would want to listen to what I had to say. Now, even if only a handful of people are reading this right now (and thank you for those of you who are!), it still gives me a sense of personal pride to be achieving a personal goal. Health, fitness, and self-discovery are all things I am passionate about and want to help others in achieving the joy and personal achievement that I’ve felt on my own journey!

So, thank you for reading and I hope that I’ve touched a part of even one person who can take these thoughts and turn them into action like I have!


  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
    • Romanian deadlift
    • kayak twists w/ weight
    • dumbbell reverse fly
    • oblique twist squat w/ weight
    • bicep curl lunges
    • leg kickbacks on forearms (each side)
  • Timed plank (Hold a plank for as long as you can with timer going. Challenge yourself to hold it longer next time!)

Confused about any of these exercises? Check out Fitness in a Minute to find out!

Today is the last day of school in our household and the weekend is going to be filled with dress rehearsals, dance costumes, piano recitals, and not enough time! But, once everything is finished on Sunday evening, it will be time to relax and celebrate another school year well done. Friday Challenge this week is to find a moment to reflect upon your own personal accomplishments and appreciate all the work that went into them. If you don’t give yourself credit for those accomplishments, no one will!

Dancers Workout

Regardless of whether or not you dance, the strength required to be a good dancer is undeniable. Most of a dancer’s power will come from having a strong core. So even if you don’t plan on stepping onto a dance floor, having a tighter core is never a bad thing!

  • 7 pushup burpees
    • 14 toe tap plank (each side)
    • 21 tippy toe squats
    • 14 oblique twist squat with weight
    • 21 sumo deadlift high pull
    • 14 half squat row
    • 21 bicep curl squat
  • 7 pushup burpees

Confused about any of these exercises? Check out Fitness in a Minute to find out!

Added bonus: try a new Zumba routine!

Double Up!

(‘Double Up’ workouts involve exercises that individually target both sides of the body. Therefore, every exercise must be done on each side.)

  • 40 jumping jacks
    • 18 mountain climbers
    • 16 kayak twists w/ weight
    • 14 lateral leg raise squats
  • 40 jumping jacks
    • 18 shifting planks
    • 16 leg kickbacks w/ opposite arm
    • 14 bicep curl lunges
  • 40 jumping jacks
  • Repeat!

Confused about any of these exercises? Check out Fitness in a Minute to find out!

If these workouts are too much/not enough, please modify them as needed! If you want more, repeat the sets or add on with exercises targeting the muscles you want to work. If you find they’re too much, go slower and take your time (there’s really no rush) or cut the reps down. The point isn’t to keep up with or be better than everyone else, the reason you’re working out is because you’re committed to bettering your own health!

Zumbathon 2016

Welcome back! What an exhausting but fun-filled Memorial Day weekend.

I had the privilege of joining over 40 other incredibly talented Zumba instructors by participating in the Mid Valley Family YMCA Zumbathon. Two hours of music, dancing, sweating, and smiles! The YMCA was able to raise quite a bit of money for a great cause, and we were able to help people on the path to better health. I love being a part of the Zumba community!


With the Zumbathon following right behind the LA Salsa Congress, hitting the beach for some surf and relaxation was a must. My kids and I had cartwheel contests and played football. In general, just enjoyed our day off together before they get through the last stretch of school. I’ve got some big plans for the summer so hopefully they can keep up! But for the next two weeks at least, it’s business as usual and back to the work week.

How was your weekend??