Flex It on the First!

It’s the beginning of a new month, the perfect time to recommit and set new goals! Get to the gym and start flexin’!

  • 50 jump ropes or jumping jacks
    • 7 reverse fly
    • 14 bicep curl lunges
    • 21 half squat row
  • Repeat, repeat, and then…repeat.

And now onto my second favorite part of Fridays: our Friday Challenge! After the travelling I did last week, I would like to encourage everyone to plan a trip/vacation/overnight excursion or something that leads to someplace new. Go discover (or rediscover) a part of nature and enjoy the beauty around you in that moment. Put the phone down, hold a loved one’s hand, take a breath of fresh air, and just smile! Life is too hectic and it’s good for our mental and physical well-being to take a moment and just exist. If you can do it this weekend, great! If you have to sit down with your calendar and pencil it in, do it! Whatever it takes to get out of the fast lane and walk a few steps on the scenic path.

Myrtle Creek
Myrtle Creek, OR


Have a great weekend!


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