You know what I love? Waking up every morning after an uninterrupted night of sleep, ready to tackle each new day and spending every moment riding the natural high of life!


Wait, that’s not me. Who is that imposter??

Okay, admittedly I probably have an excess of energy at times, but definitely not 100% of the time or always when I need it. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be coffee, energy drinks, or afternoon naps. However, there is something else that can help…



And for those of you who are skeptical about essential oils (my brother included), it really works! I use this on the days when I know I’m going to need a little extra boost of, well, energy but I don’t like to fill my belly full of caffeine. Not to mention, as a self-diagnosed, partial insomniac, this always makes an appearance following the nights when I can only seem to toss and turn.

En-R-Gee increases alertness and vitality. It’s a blend of rosemary, juniper, lemongrass, nutmeg, Idaho balsam fir, clove, and black pepper. All of these combined create an amazing blend that stimulates the mind and body, increasing energy in every system. It increases blood circulation, which also helps awaken the mind and elevates mental abilities.

 I like to diffuse this with a little bit of Wintergreen, which is also used to stimulate and increase awareness in all levels of the sensory system. Those two combined do wonders for me when I’m in need of a boost!


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