Essential Oil Blends

While there are many different brands of essential oils, I prefer Young Living oils. One of the bonuses of ordering from YL is that they not only have the single oils, like the ones we’ve touched on so far, but also oil blends that are already put together for specific purposes and uses. One of my absolute favorites is the Stress Away blend!


Stress Away is a wonderfully aromatic blend of cedarwood, copaiba, lavender, lime, ocotea, and vanilla. This blend can be diffused or applied directly to the neck, temples, and wrists for the best results. Stress Away can benefit both adults and children, bringing a feeling of peace and tranquility to help relieve daily stress and nervous tension.

Each oil in the blend offers unique properties. For example, lime is known for it’s ability to purify and renew the spirit. Cedarwood is very stabilizing and grounding. Lavendar improves concentration and mental acuity. Copaiba has a hypnotic-like effect and can work as a sedative to the nervous system. But these are only a few of the benefits from this fragrant concoction.

I use this oil every morning, every night before bed, and as often as I need to in between! I love the immediate calming response that my mind and body have when I use it, but also love the scent so much that I sometimes wear it as my perfume! So I guess I’m a walking stress reliever?


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