Dancer Workout

For anyone who may to new to Zumba or dancing, or returning after being out of the scene for a while, here’s a good workout to start building some muscles that you’ll be using frequently. After entering the dancing world, I’ve definitely learned the importance of core strength. Without it, it’s harder to not only do the moves, but to keep your balance, especially during turns or tricky maneuvers.

This is a jumping point to strengthen those much-used muscles!

  • 6 burpees/pushup burpees
    • 12 dumbbell lateral raise
    • 12 tippy toe squats
    • 12 bicep curl lunges
    • 12 standing oblique twist w/ dumbbells
    • 12 shoulder press squats
  • Repeat 3 times!

Friday Challenge for this weekend is easy: laugh. Laughter really is a cure for stress and sadness. Turn a bad day or unhappy mood into something fun and memorable. Whether it’s with a good friend, or just looking through silly photos on your own, find a moment to laugh and smile. Enjoy the life that you’ve been given!


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