Front and Center: Cedarwood

I have to say, this essential oils series has helped me better understand the extensive benefits of each oil. The more I read, the more I love being able to use natural ways to stay healthy! Next in the lineup: Cedarwood. I’ve mainly used cedarwood as a sleep aid, but will definitely be incorporating it into other areas now that I know what else it can do!

Cedarwood essential oil is good for hair loss, a healthy respiratory system, promoting clear skin, relief from UTI pain, as a sleep aid, and is recognized for its grounding and calming affect on the nervous system.


For respiratory health, diffusing cedarwood  or rubbing some between your hands and inhaling the scent can help alleviate asthma or congestion and coughs.

Adding cedarwood to coconut oil and massaging it into the scalp can stimulate better blood circulation, thereby promoting hair growth. Not only that, but the antibacterial qualities in cedarwood can help keep hair follicles clean so healthy hair can continuously grow.

Cedarwood oil

Cedarwood stimulates the pineal glad and releases melatonin, which induces fatigue and restorative sleep. Cedarwood also helps calm the nervous system and is helpful to those who suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, and stress. It is a wonderfully soothing aroma to use during a massage to help you relax right before bed. A great sleep lotion can be created by adding equal parts lavender and cedarwood with a few drops of orange essential oil. Mixing these with a base oil and rubbing it on the bottoms of the feet and back of the neck will help those who suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues.

Now, unless I wanted to write a novella each time I posted about an essential oil, there’s no way I can get all of the amazing information for each one. These posts are here to provide a little insight into each one, leading you to do some extra reading on the oils that strike your fancy.

Any questions or want to try some out? Just leave me a comment or send me a message!


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