On The Double Workout

Be prepared to sweat!

  • 3 burpees/pushup burpees (the choice is yours depending on personal fitness level)
    • 4 leg raise squats with weight
    • 5 kayak twists with weight
    • 6 leg kickbacks on forearms (each side)
    • 7 mountain climbers
  • 6 burpees/pushup burpees
    • 8 leg raise squats with weight
    • 10 kayak twists with weight
    • 12 leg kickbacks on forearms (each side)
    • 14 mountain climbers
  • 12 burpees/pushup burpees
    • 16 leg raise squats with weight
    • 20 kayak twists with weight
    • 24 leg kickbacks on forearms (each side)
    • 28 mountain climbers

Confused about any of these exercises? Check out Fitness in a Minute to find out!


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