The Essence of Lemons

In these first posts during our essential oils exploration, I’m focusing on the oils that are more widely used and well known. Once we get through a few more I’m going to start introducing essential oils that aren’t as mainstream but are hidden gems to aid with personal health and wellness.


Now, lemons! Lemons and lemon scents are used almost everywhere with many different beneficial properties. Lemon essential oil is no different. It can be used for so many different things that you should always have a backup bottle on hand!

Lemon oil is a natural cleanser, both for body and household care. By nature, lemon detoxifies and its antiseptic properties can help treat various skin disorders, including acne. It reduces excess oil on the skin and helps remove dead skin cells. (Use caution when adding any citrus oil to a skin care regiment as it can cause sensitivity to sunlight.)

Adding two drops of lemon oil to an 8oz glass of water is a gentle and natural way to cleanse the digestive system, kidneys, and liver. Lemon is very helpful with stomach problems (cramps, indigestion, upset stomach, etc.) and because of its high vitamin content, helps to boost the immune system. Oh, and remember how honey is a natural cough suppressant? Adding lemon oil to warm water and stirring in some honey will help relieve a sore throat and reduce coughing.

Inhaling diffused lemon oil can also clear nasal passages and sinuses, which promotes good air flow and steady breathing for those who may suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies.

Not only that, but spritzing your hair with a little bit of lemon mixed in a water bottle will give your hair extra shine, reduce dandruff, and add natural highlights when out in the sun!

lemon oil

Lemon essential oil is very beneficial for increasing concentration and alertness. I use lemon as the main oil in a concentration blend I put together for my kids when they’re at school or studying at home. My son’s teacher chuckled and told me how cute it was that he carries his small bottles of essential oil blends in his pocket! Being both calming and uplifting by nature, it’s the perfect oil with which to begin your day. It helps eliminate anxiety, exhaustion, mental fatigue, and nervousness, thereby removing negative emotions and creating a positive mindset.

As if that wasn’t enough, lemon oil is an amazing natural cleaner and disinfectant. With its antibacterial and antifungal properties, lemon oil is a safe and effective way to clean household items. Add lemon oil and vinegar to a spray bottle for an all-purpose natural cleaner.

Phew! After writing all of that (while diffusing my lemon and peppermint blend), I’ve realized that even I’m not taking full advantage of my essential oils! I think I’m going to spend tomorrow doing a lemon cleanse…


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