Scent-sational Essentials

So, what’s the deal with essential oils? My sister-in-law introduced me to them not too long ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Though I don’t always succeed, I try to stay as holistic as possible when it comes to mind and body care and that was one of the main factors that drew me in. Plus, it didn’t hurt that the first night I used the sleep cream she made me (with lavender, cedarwood, and coconut oil) I slept the entire night instead of tossing and turning for hours on end like I usually do. I woke up refreshed and a believer in the power of essential oils!


The best part is that no matter what ails you, there’s an oil to help! Whether it’s anxiety, a cold or flu, feeling depressed, sleepiness or sleeplessness (my personal problem), sore muscles, or even just plain ol’ stress, there’s an oil for that!


I actually always keep a bottle of Stress Away in my purse in case I need a fast pick-me-up! (Which reminds me, I’m almost out…)

I use my oils in several different ways, by applying it to certain areas on my body directly or with a base oil, diffusing, or simply just opening the bottle and taking a deep breath and letting the aromatherapy do it’s job!

Starting this week, I’m going to choose one oil per post and talk about the benefits of each one. Some, like lavender, are so versatile that it can (and should) be used daily! Others have more specific uses but are just as…well, essential!

(Got questions? Leave me a comment and I’ll answer them!)


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