Friday Fun

My philosophy in life is to start each morning with a clean slate. I have a mental checklist of things I want to do every day and then make a tangible list of how I’m going to carry out those goals. Some of the things I aim to accomplish are:

  • housework chore
  • personal growth
  • physical activity
  • work productivity
  • one new or exciting thing

Those are the five main objectives I try to hit each day. Now, do I always get it all done? No, of course not! But it’s good to begin with the goals in mind.

Physical activity doesn’t just mean working out at the gym. Biking, dancing, hiking, surfing, swimming or anything else counts as long as you’re moving and getting that heart rate up!


Personal growth can be any number of things as well. The main ones I’m focusing on right now are learning a new language and piano practice. Unfortunately, this is the category that seems to get cut off first when time starts running out for the day. However, even if I don’t get to it myself, my two mini humans do and I count that as a half point for me! (I can do that, right?) That’s my little guy pictured above working on his guitar practice.


And my personal favorite, something new or exciting everyday! Realistically, every day can’t have a major event, so sometimes it’s small, like playing a game or enjoying a fire in the fire pit. I count anything that’s a tad out of the ordinary for a daily routine. But, when I’m really lucky, it’s something super exciting! Last week I was able to go horseback riding through the Sonoran Desert and it was amazing!

So, let’s keep up the Friday Challenge and see what we can all come up with over the weekend! I’m thinking…a salsa club??


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