The Essentials of Life

Okay, time to talk about more “plus.”

“Plus” items or activities are the extras that give you an added boost of happiness in your day! It can be something as simple as listening to your favorite song or enjoying a few yoga stretches right before bed.

Among other things (most of which are listed under “Things I Love”), essential oils are one of my plus items. I’m still fairly new to the E.O. world, but the more I read and learn, the more I want to know. There are countless blends and mixes that can be put together to help with any imaginable need. I use my oils for everything from congestion relief to muscle aches to relaxation and many other things in between!


The key to essential oils is making sure you’re using high quality oils that don’t contain extra fillers.  It would be like substituting a Snickers bar for an all-Paleo protein bar before a workout!  Sure the candy bar smells and tastes good, but will it have the same effect on your body? I think not.

I start each morning and end each evening with my oils and keep them with me all throughout the day. Lately, my favorite blend to help awaken the mind and body is a half and half mixture of lemon and peppermint. I get my diffuser going first thing while I’m doing morning yoga and by the time my 15 minute routine is over, I’m ready for a new day!

What helps get you moving in the morning?


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