Friday Challenge

I’m not sure who else is still sore from Wednesday, I know I am! But it’s that satisfying kind of sore where you can feel your muscles building and working hard.

Today won’t be as intense, but still push yourself for the last weekday workout!

  • 5 minutes rowing
    • 15 pushups
    • 15 crossfit situps
    • 15 lunges (each side)
  • 5 minutes treadmill
    • 15 kettlebell swings
    • 15 leg kickbacks
    • 15 knee to elbow side crunch (each side)
  • 5 minutes rowing

And today’s extra assignment is to take a class over the weekend that you’ve been wanting to try but have been too afraid to do!  Even if you go alone, just take my sock’s advice and…


Be Confident!


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