Monday Fun-day!

A lot of people dread Monday mornings, but I happen to enjoy them!  It’s a fresh new start to a brand new week.  Who knows what mysteries are waiting to reveal themselves in the next seven days? Oh the thrill!

But seriously, I do like the idea of starting anew.  The added bonus today was pulling into the parking lot and finding the gym half empty!  The time change sure did a number on quite a few people…

meme15Today’s workout is:

Double Up

  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 10 oblique side bends
  • 10 backward leg raise squats, alternating legs
  • 10 shifting planks
  • 10 kayak twists
  • 10 leg kick back with opposite arm raises

Now do it again!

Double Up workouts concentrate on one side of the body, then the other.  When it says ten, that means ten on each side, or in the case of the mountain climbers, it’s counted as “One, and, two, and,” etc.

Make today count!


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