Finding Inspiration

This morning while I was getting ready for the gym, I opened up a new package of socks, slipped on a pair that coordinated with my outfit, and looked down to discover these were no ordinary workout socks!


In my rush to finish shopping yesterday, I didn’t even notice that every pair in the package shares a message. (Each color says something different, so be prepared for more inspirational feet quotes!) Now, I know it’s not a big deal, but I couldn’t help but smile when I saw these and became even more excited to get to the gym!

The reason I’m pointing this out is not because my powerfully pink socks are all that, but because it was an unexpected moment of inspiration. I love finding hidden messages and lessons in something that, at first, seems so ordinary!

So whether it’s a song that gets you moving, a burst of excitement to do something new, or a blog post with some sassy pink socks, find something that inspires you today!

Be Powerful in mind and body!


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