Make it Count!

Okay, so why don’t we talk about the other part of this blog:

Make today count more than yesterday!

This is where the additional meaning of “Plus” comes into play. While eating extremely clean and doing fierce workouts everyday might sound amazing to some people, that intense side of healthy living isn’t for everyone. In fact, it probably isn’t even for most people!


There are some days when I go to the gym and just kill it! I’ve got sweat pouring down my face and my muscles are screaming at me to stop!  I’m on fire and push myself to the limit!  And then there are days where I just want to practice Zumba routines in my living room while sipping a glass of wine…and you know what?  That’s okay too!  Because when you’re enjoying yourself, it’s easier to stay motivated.

Get moving everyday!  Whether it’s morning yoga, that workout at the gym, a new kickboxing class you’ve been wanting to try, dancing with your kids until you’re out of breath, or a long evening walk to end the day, it all counts.


So yes, I believe that each person could benefit from following a Paleo lifestyle and going to the gym seven days a week, but the reality is (unless you’re a professional athlete or body builder), it’s probably not going to happen.  So add what you can into your routine to keep yourself healthy, moving, and motivated!

What’s your “Plus”?


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