Why Paleo Plus?

Although I’ve wanted to write a health and fitness blog for quite some time, I’d like to address why I finally chose Paleo Plus.

My personal ‘healthy living’ journey started about 10 years ago, but I wasn’t introduced to the Paleo diet until 5 years later. At first I thought, “That’s crazy! I could never give up (insert favorite unhealthy non-paleo food)!” But as I continued on my path and started doing at-home Crossfit workouts, I kept coming back to the Paleo diet. I was curious and finally decided to give it a shot.


Over time, I modified my diet, first limiting grains until I was completely gluten and grain free by mid 2012. During that time I started cutting out refined sugars and dairy and, by the end of 2012, was an (almost) 100% Paleo eater! It wasn’t easy and required a lot of planning and preparation, but the results and health benefits were worth it to me.

Fast forward three and a half years, and it’s been an up and down journey! Between starting and completing a (non-paleo) culinary school program and working in several restaurants, it was difficult to maintain my healthy eating habits and find time to work out. I never gave up, but I did repeatedly fall off the wagon.

By some chance, my last stint in the culinary world found me working for a Paleo meal delivery service. That spark to help others on their own journey towards a healthy lifestyle was ignited once again! Even though I no longer prepare Paleo fare for Crossfit athletes, I am finding other ways in which to put my skills and passion for healthy living to use.

Phew…so. With that shortened version of how, now we get to the why. I jumped back onto the Paleo wagon but decided that I didn’t need to be as strict with myself as long as I am living healthy in other ways as well, not just when it comes to food. And my personal kryptonite is cheese….savory, gooey, delicious cheese….So when my friends started asking how I was losing weight again (along with working out), I told them I was “Paleo plus!”


I also found that having this little loophole for myself makes it so much easier to follow the other Paleo guidelines! When I get the urge to go off-track and eat something unsanctioned (like a delicious plate of nachos or a big cup of fro-yo), I stop and remind myself that I am allowed to have a “cheat treat”, but that I need to stick with what I’ve chosen for myself, not something sugar-y or grain-y! (Now, that’s not to say I never give in, because the Peeps flavored frozen yogurt I sampled last week was surprisingly tasty!)

But anyway, back to the point. The bottom line is, we all have a “plus.” No eating plan or workout regiment is a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone needs to find what works for them, put it into action, and be happy with their accomplishments! It’s so easy to compare our own achievements to others and perceive ourselves as falling short. And that’s the real essence of why I started this blog.


Start your journey! Find a beginning point that works for you and then follow that path with your own personal twist. Every morning is a clean slate! Take advantage of each new day and improve just a little bit.

Make today count more than yesterday!


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